19 March 2019

Mr. Udin's Cub

Hi guys, come back again with the Craze Genuine Custom.

This time we will share the picture of our first seat, SOLO DIAMOND WHITE with GOLD STITCHING. which makes it special is this seat is set with a back seat, of course we provide good service so that customers feel satisfied  .. 

Thank you, Mr. Udin for the custom seats, We hope you are always healthy :)

Do you want the same custom seat? Let's send massage to us!!

14 March 2019

For Sale!!!

Sunny morning from bali island ..

we have good news for you supercub enthusiasts, we will treat you with our special Solo seats that are so sexy and tempting your attention.

here it is a Black Diamond Solo Seat with Red Stitching and Piping
get it immediately with a fantastic price of $ 84.20 USD

What are you waiting for? let's immediately apply to be yours!