02 October 2019

Great Cub from Lalang Kunto

Good afternoon from the sunny island of Bali. 
We will refresh your eyes with some pictures sent by our customers

Here it is, Cobra Seat Tuckroll Darkbrown with a red body wrap
So.. what are u waiting for?? Let's custom your seat here!!

04 September 2019

Miss Laetitia's Cub

Hi guys how are you today? We came again with some pictures of Miss Laetitia's cub from France. 

This time we not only made seats, but we also modified her motorbike to add a basket for his dog. We also prepared special mirrors for the bike to make it look more shiny!!

Let's check it out!!

Thank you for coming and trusting our team Miss!

23 July 2019

Dice's Custom Seat

Good afternoon from Bali guys... 
Bali is still hot for today 
 as well as the custom seat that we will introduce this time is really hot
There is no need to explain this much
Check this out!!

Saddle seat with pilion

 Thank you for your order Dice 

You also want the same seat with Daisuke?
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15 June 2019

Big Project of 2Thugs Custom

Hi guys, come back again with the Craze Genuine Custom after a long holiday due to Eid Al-Fitr ... 

We will share some pictures sent by our loyal customers from Australia, our beloved customer who has always supported us and trusted us everything about the seat ...

Cobra seat tuckroll special more length

Very handsome when appearing on the motorbike stage 

 Solo seat special iguana stitching

and the detail of the seat

 Thank you for having us 2Thugs Custom!

27 May 2019

Solo Seat Plain Python Leather

Good morning friends, today the weather on the island of Bali is quite bright, we are still fasting and will have a long holiday starting next week.

Before our team returns to each region we will share the experience of our customers Mr.Sakurada from Japan who order special seats from us using genuine python skin.

Here it is Solo Seat Plain with Python Genuine Leather

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06 April 2019

Cooper's Cobra

Hi guys .. this morning we sent testimonials by our customers from Missouri United States

He ordered a special seat Big Red Double Cobra Special Diamond with Ivory Stitching and Piping

Let's Check it

 What are u waiting for?? 
 immediately follow Cooper to beautify your supercub!!

19 March 2019

Mr. Udin's Cub

Hi guys, come back again with the Craze Genuine Custom.

This time we will share the picture of our first seat, SOLO DIAMOND WHITE with GOLD STITCHING. which makes it special is this seat is set with a back seat, of course we provide good service so that customers feel satisfied  .. 

Thank you, Mr. Udin for the custom seats, We hope you are always healthy :)

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14 March 2019

For Sale!!!

Sunny morning from bali island ..

we have good news for you supercub enthusiasts, we will treat you with our special Solo seats that are so sexy and tempting your attention.

here it is a Black Diamond Solo Seat with Red Stitching and Piping
get it immediately with a fantastic price of $ 84.20 USD

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21 February 2019

Mr. Black by 2THUGS Custom

Hi guys.. Good afternoon of Bali island..
the next post especially from 2THUGS CUSTOM
at Australia.. juggles the cool motorbike to be even cooler and paired our custom seats.


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02 February 2019


A very sunny morning in Bali accompanied by a little soothing breeze... today our loyal customers from United States share some pictures in the form of motorbikes that are finally finished with a very maximum and extraordinary




 Look Perfect Right 

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