08 December 2018


Hi guys ... Welcome back to our blog ...
Bali this morning it was raining heavily and there were floods in several places
We will launch our new product at an attractive price of 10% discount. 

We are introduce this, SUPER CUB LONG SOLO SEAT, offering at the end of 2018. We are ready to accept PRE ORDER after 27 DECEMBER 2018... 

07 December 2018


Hello guys... how's your life today???
we will introduce an amazing transformation about super cub
Let's check it out!!!
This is the super cub transformation from our customers, it took him four years to conjure up his motorbike to be perfect and of course using special seats from us to complement his motorbike


 This is a picture before the motorbike is modified

 After Modified


06 December 2018

Super Cub with a Special Solo Seat

Hello friends, the weather in Bali this morning was very bright and there was a slight earthquake at 09.04 am.

Even though the earthquake did not reduce our enthusiasm to welcome this morning by watching a mix of super cubs wrapped with Special Solo Seat with Milk Chocolate of the top and Black Side