26 April 2018


Hi there,it's sunny day on everyday in Bali

How is your custom project custom motorcycle going?

This is the 2nd entry about
YAMAHA XS 650 built project
in Bali.

beside the YAMAHA XS 650 is Honda cub
belongs to the same customer we built before
finally, finished all works and 
he go for ride immediately and frequently 
 Sembalun (Rinjani Mountain) Lombok island (East of Bali island)

Kelating beach, Tabanan Bali

Yeh Gangga beach, Tabanan Bali

and...totally finished this XS650 project?

that's answer is NO!! 

this XS650 will be change the style 2times from this style
to be continue.....

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William Okha Pratama

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