21 March 2018


Hi, the weather is still hot in Bali for the last few days. Very suitable for surfing and who want to sunbathe.
We have Honda CB400ss (Cylinder 400cc) pic with original leather seats diamond from Craze Genuine Custom.

here is pic from our custom bike!!!

16 March 2018


 Hi, guys!!! tomorrow is going to be 'nyepi' day in Bali.

what is nyepi day? like, no activity as usual. All activities are excluded for a day.

 Come and see any interesting things in bali, and do not forget to visit Craze Genuine Custom 

15 March 2018

Little Cub Seat Special Order From Japan

Hy guys!!! it still been Hot in Bali island, but the air in bali is very fresh and suitable to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali

10 March 2018

CooL MX Cub from Japan

Hi there! So now, gettin pleasant hot and dry weather many day in Bali,

It is about time end of the rainy seasson on soon How a out your place?  By the way,  we received
Cool MX Cub pic from japan,  we surprised fast seen that Cub,  because i never seen body lift cub like that  and he take to Enduro Race  Because I never seen Body Lift Cub like that
and he take to Enduro Race.