03 August 2013

development status

now it's not so hot season in Bali.
having fun with your custom bike?

our new product 

"Cowl Seat Series"

are making steady progress.

i feel the HIP will be important to the seat.

oh, sorry. i wrong the photo.

CRAZE development status Cafe Racer Semi-Double and Vintage Racer Seat

of cause, i know the importance about total scale balance and the line between gas tank and seat.
but after all, i feel HIP is most important.

because, the most important concept of all our products is "Sexy"

Cafe Racer Solo Seat

CRAZE development statsu Cafe Racer Solo Seat

in July, we launched it for the first model of the series.
it has a fusion style of traditional and aggressive.

of cause we are particular about HIP.
this model was remade many times caused by HIP line.

our creative director gives us a hard time!
but his insistence on design makes cool products.

Cafe Racer Semi-Double Seat

CRAZE development statsu Cafe Racer Semi-Double Seat

about this seat, his insistence on the HIP is too much.
needless to say, it's obvious just looking the picture.

he said " She has so cute line. don't you think so? " with stroke this HIP.

Vintage Racer Seat

when you see this picture, maybe you think just a conventional vintage style cowl seat or something.

actuary we create this model for cafe racer & classic dart tracker style bike, but we think about specially use for street.

what we consider use for street? we tell these to other time.
this seat will going to transform variant with other one.

Cafe Racer Semi-Double Seat and Vintage Racer Seat are concurrently in the final stage of development.

don't miss it!!!