18 June 2013

Secrets of our seat

We introduce a special report 
about how to make our seats.

STEP 1 : Lay Ups

We use resin and fiberglass 
in a well-thought ratio 
to secure the best strength.

CRAZW Secrets of  our seats step1 Lay ups
Lay ups

STEP 2 : Cut

After completely dry, 
remove the fiberglass seat pan 
from the mold.

Cut off rough edges 
with a rotary tool 
on the table with a dust chamber.

CRAZW Secrets of  our seats step 2 Cut
Cut with rotary tool

STEP 3 : Polish

Sand the cut part smooth, 
put in bolts & nuts for installation,
and polish up the seat pan.

CRAZW Secrets of  our seats step 3 Polish
Polish with rotary tool 

STEP 4 : Set Sponge

We usually, seat sponge is 
using mould injection.

By using this method, 
we can make  
comfortable seats to ride on
without losing shape.

Farther this method make us possible 
to be received a small order.

When the seat is made to order, 
we make the shape by handmade.

in this case, 
we don't use mold injection,
but we ensure the ride comfort
by expert craftsman.

CRAZW Secrets of  our seats step 4 Set Sponge
Mould injection sponge with seat pan

STEP 5 : Mount Seat Skin

Mount a seat skin with rivet,
after mould injection 
seat pan and sponge.

CRAZW Secrets of  our seats step 5 Mount seat skin
Mount a seat skin

STEP 6 : Packing & Shipping

We are Shipping our products for worldwide.

CRAZW Secrets of  our seats step 6 Packing and Shipping

Now our main market is Japan.

They are customers 
who have the highest demands 
about design and quality 
in the world.

Our rating from them is very high
so we have a pride that 
we meet dimands of them.