14 April 2017

Speed Cub from Mr. D japan

 Hi guys !! This from Hottest Island BALI.
We received Cool CUB pic from customer of japan.

this CUB built by himself,Nice style and quality isn't it?


we're so glad to join your cool custom cub project
thanks Mr.D !!!

author : TACK

29 March 2017

Scrambler Cub from JAPAN

Hi guys !! it's still been Hot and lovely day in Bali !!
I gatta few pic Scrambler Cub from Onishi ryingyo japan.


Their other motorcycle custom,

See more at.....Onishi Ringyo japan

05 October 2016

Congrats!! Matt !!

 Few month ago, we received special order seat 
for old Honda C50 from Australia. 
He give white leather and Red diamond stitch our Solo seat.

and we received pictures 
when he exhibited some bike show !!
Check it his cub!! 

so cool cruiser style isn't it ?
Surprisingly, he got the prize !!

congrats!! and we so happy for you choice our seat !!

Thank you very much!!

30 September 2016

Our Other Work

Hi there!!! here is become boiling hot in Bali!!!
 by the way,
Actuary our place is not just products motorcycle seat.
we also, work build up custom motorcycles.





We got prize " National Champion "
on Honda modif contest 2016 in Indonesia !!


23 August 2016

Stylebox NisimOO from JAPAN

  Hi guys !! it's still been Hot and lovely day in Bali !!

we receive two Custom Honda super cub pic from garage shop 
" Stylebox Nisimoo " Japan !!

Stylebox Nisimoo Good Oldays Style

simple cockpit...

Nice old Blue.

other one, he take same our cobra seat

 but look like more Aggressive !!

noteworthy, this super cub change to 14 inch rim in front 
and low down these make Aggressive style.

just take original square side cover also play some role in Aggressive.

we're so glad to join your cool custom cub project

thanks so much !!!

author : TACK